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This listing is for a Vinyl Fairy Decal.

This decal is Matte Black and measures 4.00" H x  2.85" W

This decal is easy to apply and made with High Quality Indoor Outdoor Oracal brand vinyl.

 Its special proprietary formulation ensures optimized stability and resistance to UV degradation, For a term of up to 3yrs for outdoor applications. 

This decal can be used in a variety of different ways to add flare to a multitude of flat surfaces such as Mason jars, Car windows, bumpers, lap tops, cell phones, tablets, journals, or scrap books and so much more!

(Note: Not recommended for textured surfaces.)

To apply:  

  • Prep intended surface by cleaning and removing any dirt, dust, or oily residue.
  • Before you apply your decal make sure you test align the decal to the desired position.
  • Slowly Peel clear transfer film from paper backing, the decal should peel up attached to the clear transfer sheet. If it does not don't worry, push it back down and rub (A credit card or similar tool works great for this.
  •  Once you have it peeled away from the paper backing, Carefully apply to the surface by pressing down, then rub the surface to push out any air bubbles that may be underneath, A credit card or similar tool would also be great for this.
  • Once you have it placed and rubbed it free of air bubbles, slowly peel away clear transfer film, if any of the decal lifts up with the clear film, simply press it back down and then slowly try again. The clear sheet should peel off clean, leaving your decal on your surface to enjoy.

                ****And as always...Colors may differ slightly due to individual screen calibration and resolution.****